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We offer pain-free diagnostic tests to identify possible liver diseases.

Our non-invasive diagnostic tests deliver very high standards of performance, are easy to perform, and are widely accessible to the public.

Reference test

FibroTest™ simply involves taking a blood sample from your usual medical test laboratory.

FibroTest evaluates hepatic fibrosis into five stages: from F0 (healthy liver) to F4 (cirrhosis).

In most cases, FibroTest acts as a replacement for a liver biopsy.

A complete range

for the main liver diseases

The tests target the four main causes of liver disease: fibrosis/cirrhosis (FibroTest™), inflammation (ActiTest™, NashTest™ 2), metabolic conditions (SteatoTest™ 2) and alcohol-related conditions (AshTest™).

NASH-FibroTest™ combines FibroTest, SteatoTest 2 and NashTest 2 along with ActiTest and AshTest into a single blood sample, for patients at risk of NAFLD (Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease) with or without comorbidities (due to excessive alcohol consumption and hepatitis).


The basis of our growth

Our research teams are made up of clinicians, statisticians, engineers, and biochemists.

Within an immersive university/hospital environment, they make an active contribution to public health via their first-rate scientific publications.

FibroTest worldwide

Our products are available worldwide

Our tests are available in medical test laboratories, in downtown locations or in hospitals.

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