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Laboratoire FibroTest/FibroMax à Bucuresti : Lotus Med

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Lotus Med
Str. Armenis nr.6 bl.J3 Sc.C Et.2 Ap.26, sector 3,
032483 Bucuresti

Contact information

  • +402318.6108
  • +40213186108


L'interlocuteur pour les tests BioPredictive est Dr Carmen Daniela Rotaru.

Welcome to BioPredictive

Non-invasive liver diagnostic tests.

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40 rue du Bac
75007 Paris

Tel : +33 1 45 44 30 64
email :

Come meet us

    18 sep National Conference of Infectious Diseases (Cluj Napoca, Romania )
    24-27 sep AFEF (CNIT, Paris)
    2-4 oct ARSF Congress (Bucharest, Romania )
    8-11 oct Scientific Days of the Central Military Hospital (Bucharest, Romania )
    15-17 oct INBI Matei Bals Institute Scientific Days (Bucharest, Romania)
    5-8 nov 12th Congress of FRDNBM (Cluj Napoca, Romania )
    14-15 nov Synevo Scientific Days (Bucharest, Romania)
    28-29 nov EASL Clinical School of Hepatology (Belgrade, Serbia )
    4-6 dec 34th Panhellenic Gastroenterology Conference (Athena, Greece )
Upcoming events…

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